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Carlsberg ReBrew

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NB! Beer can only be shipped to EU countries due to customs duty.

In 1883, Carlsberg were the first to purify yeast. This groundbreaking discovery made it possible to brew the same high quality beer every time. Carlsberg gave away the yeast for free to well-known breweries around the world so that everyone could enjoy quality lagers. Recently, we found one of the original bottles and to our surprise we were able to extract the original yeast. Using the old techniques, we have rebrewed "The Father of Quality Lager" for you to get a sip of history. The project was initiated by the Carlsberg Foundation in order to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Carlsberg Laboratory.

Beer type: Lager
Origin: Denmark
ABV: 5,8%
Volume: 75 cl
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, yeast and hops. 

€ 20.00